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  • Information and resources for the SMALL BEEF CATTLE farm or ranch, especially newcomers to the indusatry.
  • Learning Biodynamic Farming is interesting and many people are switching to this method on a daily basis...
  • Cattle Ranching For Beginners will give you a good start in learning to build a successful and sustainable cattle ranching enterprise.
  • 5 Tips to Starting Beef Cattle Farming will get you started in the right direction if you are planning to get into beef cattle farming for the first time.
  • Selling Farm products in a new and different way may be just the right avenue for you. learn more now...
  • Beef Cattle Breeding for Profit is simple genetic improvement in the traits identified as economically important.
  • Cattle Breeds and History From 1864 is an interesting work about the cattle breeds that were believed to be most important for the times.
  • This Cattle Selection Guide in 1864 illustrates and describes many of the points used in relation to selection of cattle. Tools that are still valuable in today's cattle selection process.
  • Visit this site to learn current Beef Cattle Prices for your area. Cattle prices in general are a moving target. Are they about the same as last week? Last month? Last Year?
  • A Country Boy's research into Beef Cattle Marketing leads to understanding how Beef Cattle Prices are established in today's Beef Cattle Industry.
  • Check out this site when looking for cattle for sale or cattle to buy.
  • You can be found when someone searches for BEEF CATTLE FARMING. For a test drive search google NOW for beef cattle farming and see where is located. Usually in top 5.
  • An interesting and informative read on Beef Cattle Farming, highly recommended for anyone just starting beef cattle farming or wanting to raise beef cattle for the first time.
  • A series of beef cattle articles you will find interesting and informative. Written by a hired ghostwriter who was given some ideas as to title but free to make adjustments and write the articles from own research. Please read with an open mind with your thinking cap on.
  • When it comes to Beef Cattle DNA the most common use is for parentage confirmation.
  • This DNA Primer explains some of the basics in relation to Parentage Confirmation by DNA in Beef Cattle. Some Routine DNA samples are blood, hair, semen, buccal swabs and blood FTA cards. Non-routine sample types include bone, teeth, saliva, dried blood, urine and feces.
  • You will find raising beef cattle for profit to be a little more challenging these days. Cattle farmers and ranchers need to teach themselves to think outside the norm to find the more profitable niches related to raising beef cattle for profit.
  • Raising Beef Cattle for Profit Today on a Small Farm is mainly for beef production; however, there are many things other than meat that cattle are used for.
  • A few of the more popular beef cattle breeds in America. For a more complete listing of most breeds of cattle throughout the World, please visit the Oklahoma University cattle breeds website.
  • What makes a Cattle Breed? In short a cattle breed is whatever you say it is. A breed is a group of domestic animals, termed such by common consent of the breeders.
  • Black angus beef cattle are very popular in america. It is a solid black, polled breed of cattle initially dubbed Aberdeen Angus.
  • In America the Red Angus beef cattle are registered and recorded in a herd book by the Red Angus Association of America . The Red Angus breed is one of the more progressive breeds in America.
  • The Beefmaster Breed of Beef Cattle was originally created in Texas by the Lasater family that operated a Ranch bearing their surname.
  • Bos Indicus cattle are used in hot climates all over the world for meat, milk, and draft animals. Bos Indicus cattle are an unusual sight for most of us.
  • The Brahman Beef Cattle Breed has been recognized for many years. In the early 20s the American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) was organized.
  • The British White is a naturally polled English breed of cattle, white in color with black points. British White cattle are registered and recorded in the USA by the British White Cattle Association of America.
  • The Charolais is a large heavily muscled white breed of cattle originating from France. It is a very popular beef cattle breed in america.
  • Until recent times the Chianina were used primarily as draft animals in their homeland. U.S. servicemen, stationed in Italy during World War II, discovered Chianina. In 1971, Chianina genetics were introduced to the U.S. when the first semen was imported from Italy.
  • Chianina composites are beef cattle bred up with Chianina as one of the base breeds. The composits are known as Chiangus (Black), Red Chiangus, Chiford and Chimaine.
  • A Chiangus is the result of the cross between a registered Chianina or Chiangus and Angus. They must be black and polled (or scurred). If there is another breed in their pedigree more than 6.25%, they can be registered as a Chiangus cross (CAX).
  • A Red Chiangus is the result of the cross between a registered Chianina or Chiangus and Angus. They must be red and polled (or scurred). If there is another breed in their pedigree more than 6.25%, they can be registered as a Chiangus cross (CAX).
  • A Chiford is the result of the cross between a registered Chianina or Chiford and a Hereford. Chifords can be either horned or polled and can range in color from a pale fawn or cream to a dark red with a range from typical Hereford white markings to a solid red or reddish color pattern.
  • Chimaine beef cattle are the result of the cross between a registered Chianina or Chimaine and a Maine-Anjou. They can be either horned, polled or scurred.
  • The Hereford is a red animal with a white face, some call them "White Face Cattle." There is both a Horned and Polled strain of the same color pattern. For many years the Hereford was the breed of choice in th USA and has always produced a good quality of beef.
  • The term Black Hereford is used in the British Isles to describe a particular line of hybrid beef cattle. The American Black Hereford Association is one of the major promoters of this exceptional beef cattle breed.
  • Records for the Limousin breed of beef cattle in the USA are maintained by the North American Limousin Foundation. The Limousin is a large red breed from France.
  • The history of the American Black Limousin cattle dates back thousands of years to the ancient ancestors of this cattle breed. Cave drawings have been found in France and these pictures are approximately 20,000 years old.
  • The Murray Grey originated in southern New South Wales, Australia. The preferred color is silver-gray although there are numerous variations in the shading of gray.
  • History of the Santa Gertrudis Line. Almost a century ago, one of the largest cattle ranches in the United States was located in Kingsville, Texas. The ranch owner and workers were intrigued....
  • An Introduction to the Shorthorn Breed of Cattle. This cattle breed was established in England’s northeastern countryside that includes the regions of Northumberland, Durham, York, and Lincoln. The beginnings for the Shorthorn breed occurred in the Rees River area.
  • Simmental are a versatile breed of cattle originating in the valleys of the Simme river, in the Bernese Oberland of western Switzerland. Among the oldest and most widely distributed of all breeds of cattle in the world, and recorded since the Middle Ages...
  • The Black Simmental is separate from other Simmentals only because of its color. This dominant gene was obtained through careful cross breeding and artificial insemination using many of the best Simmental specimens.
  • White Park Cattle have been Historically Known by: Park, White Forest, White Horned, and Wild White. The White Park is a horned cattle breed which is white with colored points. These points include the ears, nose, rims of eyes, teats and feet but excludes the tail switch.
  • Marketing Your Cattle. It may not be easy to determine how and where to market your animals. The choice of market outlet depends on the class and grade of the cattle.
  • Cattle Marketing For Ranchers is a make or break enterprise for many ranchers and farmers. Management decisions need to be made on an almost daily basis.
  • Calving Time and When To Help is something everyone who raises even a few head of cattle needs to learn. Calving the cow is one of the most important things related to raising beef cattle.
  • Calving and When To Help A Cow! Learning when to help a cow during calving may be one of the most profitable practices you can acquire.
  • A knowledgeable beef cattle breeder will always be ready and prepared for calving assistance wen the need arises.
  • There is a lot to be considered in any attempt to put a subject like "Calving Assistance Explained" in words. Many of those considerations are included here for your information and education.
  • Some of the causes for beef cattle calving problems.
  • We normally think of beef cattle calving stages to be divided into three general stages, preparatory, fetal expulsion and expulsion of the placenta or afterbirth.
  • Occasionally you may find you need to help calf start breathing, these brief instructions will help.
  • Here are a few things to watch for as possible post calving problems.
  • Here is a summary of the more important steps involved with your beef cattle calving assistance procedures.
  • Information and resources related to beef cattle breeding. Information to help keep you up to date on current trends..
  • Beef Cattle Artificial Insemination and Synchronization Information
  • Breeding For Marbling should result in an indirect improvement in tenderness, although the phenotypic relationship between marbling and tenderness is not especially high.
  • Spring is most every cattle rancher's preferred or primary bull buying season. If you are like most of us, right or wrong, the yearling bulls seem to fit in better.This always seems to pose a need to learn the necessities of Bull Management For Yearling Bulls.
  • Bull selection depends on the type of cows to be bred and the objectives of the producer.
  • bull-to-cow-ratio.html
  • Should every male calf born make it to "Herd Bull Status?" Information pertaining tp "Marketing Bulls" for your consideration whether you are a buyer or seller.
  • Modern cattle breeding practices today are still based largely on mass selection, supplemented by three other methods: pedigree selection,family selection, and progeny selection.
  • A Glossary of Beef Cattle Genetics Terms.
  • Beef Cattle Tenderness Genetics and Their Effects
  • Trichomoniasis, or "trich," is a venereal disease of cattle caused by a protozoan parasite, Tritrichomonas foetus.
  • Determine Cattle Age By Teeth by the appearance, development, and subsequent wear of their second incisor teeth. See our pictures for more...
  • A collection of six beef cattle enterprises, Commercial, Registered or Seedstock, Stocker/Feeder, Market Beef, Bottle Calf and Miniature. Many management ideas are presented and discussed.
  • Beef Cattle Farming is a large and important segment of American agriculture and one of the largest industries in the world.
  • You don't need a great deal of money or pasture to get started raising cattle. Not if you do it the bottle calf way. Consider a small start with a bottle calf or two.
  • The criteria for selection, or selling points, of good cows for your commercial cattle herd depend on size, quality, age, condition, stage of pregnancy, and market price.
  • A feeder stocker or backgrounding operation pastures or feeds calves until they reach 750 to 800 pounds. Then they are sold to a feedlot for finishing.
  • Due to the careful maintenance and management of Grassfed Cattle, the cows and steers maturedinto healthy, prime livestock that will fetch top dollar at market.
  • Farm Location is extremely important for a successful Small beef cattle farming or ranching operation. You should select your farm location wisely.
  • Raising Market Beef. In a steer or heifer market beef operation, you purchase 500 to 600 pound feeder calves after weaning at approximately 7 to 10 months of age.
  • The small size of miniature cattle is not intimidating and it allows for easy caring for by even very young children. Many kids and their families enjoy animals but are intimidated the large animals. Miniature cattle offer a great opportunity for kids to learn responsibility by taking care of an animal that is easy to train and care for. Their small size makes bottle feeding easy for even very young kids.
  • If your objective is to raise registered cattle and supply breeding animals to other cattle producers, it may be necessary to make large capital investments in purebred stock.
  • Cattle Health Problems affect cattle of all ages, and especially young, growing cattle are subject to a variety of ailments.
  • With the many different types of external parasites that threaten beef cattle herds it is important to be alert to any danger. Taking measures to prevent external parasites is the first step to a healthy herd.
  • Controlling external parasites in beef cattle is an ongoing job. This site will give you some good ideas.
  • Internal Parasites In Beef Cattle can cause major financial losses. The effects of any internal parasites will depend on the degree of infection, and the age and condition of the affected animal.
  • Controlling Internal Parasites In Beef Cattle is not always easy. Internal parasites live in the digestive tract and lungs of cattle throughout the world. These internal parasites can result in a very significant economic loss to anyone engaged in beef cattle operations.
  • Purchase Considerations for Stocking a Small Beef Cattle Farm or Ranch. Cattle should be healthy but lean. Avoid cattle that may not have performed well elsewhere.
  • Cattle Talk is a glossary of terms commonly used by people who work with cattle.
  • A Listing of Cattle Terminology with definitions and or detailed descriptions, we beleive it is the most complete listing on the Internet. It is a very lengthy website.
  • The working Cow Dogs at No Name Cattle Co are truly working cow dogs. See a picture of them working and a link to a video of them penning 25 Angus Heifers in 1 minute and 12 seconds.
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  • Facilities and Equipment. Caring for animals on a small beef cattle farm does not require elaborate or expensive housing or facilities and equipment. Under most weather conditions, beef cattle do very well outside.
  • This farmers guide is especially helpful to anyone just starting out in the farming arena. It could have been labeled "Agriculture For Beginners" or "Beginning Farmers Guide" or just "Farmers Guide" so we went with the shorter name.
  • Imagine returning to farm life. Will our new found econimy woes cause a mass return to farm life? Will it be like Farm Life of Old?
  • Imagine yourself in a Farm Life Now. Mind boggling, Exhiliarting, Unbelievable, Exciting. Where would you fit into a farm life? Because of the economy many of us may get to relive this imagination.
  • What is this Farm Life Stuff? Just an idea I had and did not know what else to call it. Please take a look now because you need to know,
  • A site about FARM TRACTORS, used tractors for sale, best buys in used farm tractors, where to buy and just farm tractors related information.
  • Today there are many used tractors for sale and it makes good economic sense to buy used and let someone else take that first depreciation hit.
  • Antique Tractors for sale on Ebay, Ford Antique tractor, John deere antique tractor, farmall antique tractor, Oliver antique tractor, Farmall antique tractor, Case antique tractor and more....
  • One of the leading places to shop for used compact tractors is Ebay. This site has accumulated just compact tractors in one place to save you time.
  • Used International Farm Tractors are very popular and one of the in demand used tractors. A used International Farm Tractor offers a lot of quality at a lower price.
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  • Used John Deere Tractors are very popular and one of the higher priced tractors. John Deere Tractors are one of the leading brands, sometimes referred to as the Green Tractor...
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  • All the purchasers of Used Kubota Tractors I know of are happy owners and not interesting in going back to anything else.
  • A Mahindra Tractor is economical to buy and economical to run. If the size fits your operation it will be easy on the budget and do an excellent job doing the work for which it is designed and in most cases do harder work than it is rated for.
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  • Feeding Beef Cattle. Unlike humans, beef cattle have a ruminant digestive system. Their stomachs are made up of four parts.
  • Budgets and Financial Records. Standard ranch financial records cover all production and financial management aspects of a beef operation.
  • Fishing seems to be as much a part of beef cattle ranching as working cattle, everyone needs a little break now and then. Actual fishing or shopping for new fishing reels is always relaxing.
  • Listed here are a few of the many management considerations in running a small beef cattle farm or ranch. You will want to consider nutrition, health, shelter, parasite control and many others!
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  • Becoming a Vegetarian by altering your diet may not be as easy as it may be presumed.
  • A collection of Links to Small Beef Cattle Education, Information and Other Resources. Especially helpful to anyone new to beef cattle farming.
  • Pedigreed Beef Cattle enjoy added value when well documented by a recognized beef cattle breed registry and raised on a small beef cattle farm.
  • Do you need to make a reverse phone lookup. Find out who a cell phone number belongs too.
  • Want to run a Public Records Search? You can on this site and get access to full birth, death, and other vital record information. Also get access to search tools and useful information such as cemetery records, local newspaper archives, county court records, and much more!
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