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Selling Farm Products

How to Sell Farm Products
Author: David Fogle

This is a new item I first discovered in October 2011 and if you are like me you will agree that it is time for more folks to step up to the plate and develop similar projects. We need all the help possible when it comes to teachings about How To Sell Farm products.

This is a digital Ebook that is reasonably priced and also carries a good Introductory Discount until November 15, 2011.

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  • 1. 24 Page PDF  "Alternative Meat Marketing"
  • 2. 50 page PDF  "Pasture Raised Farm Project Final Report"
  • 3. 75 page PDF  "Scientific Advertising"
  • 4.  7 page PDF  "Surviving and Thriving Through Direct Farm

Sell Farm Products    


     is something I highly recommend you take a look at to see if it might fit into your farming operation. Give it a try for 60 days and see if it is a worthwhile tool.



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