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Some Ideas To Help When Raising Beef Cattle For Profit

      You will find raising beef cattle for profit to be a little more challenging these days and getting more so every passing day. Cattle farmers and ranchers in today's modern high tech environment need to teach themselves to think outside the norm. That is where to find the more profitable niches related to raising cattle for profit.

        One of the most important and probably the most difficult things to get yourself started with is to write yourself a business plan that predicts an end result that is profitable. Doing the research and getting it down on paper will almost always result with a profitable plan.

     Discovering your very own niche to set you apart from other cattle producers is one thing to think about. An example niche might be "All Natural", "Grass Fed", "Home Grown", and "All Organic".

     In some cases it may be prudent to setup a separate entity when it is felt there may be a need to minimize liability. Protect your other assets.

     We will focus this article on one of the highest income producing methods whichy is direct sales of your finished product, beef  directly to the consumer. This is true because you own the cattle from beginning to end. marketing your beef can increase your income because it not only adds a new enterprise to your ranch, but helps you retain ownership through all phases of production.

     For direct marketing you will need to locate a processing plant as close to your marketing area as possible. It is much more economical to transport a live animal a few miles than packaged product. Inquire about and learn as much as possible about the plant's capabilities to process, package and make the beef available for customer pickup. A good choice is usually a smaller plant that provides a USDA inspected product.  As you begin to grow there may be a need to occasionaly consult with  a meat scientists to help ensure consistency.

     Create a good image within your community and the industry as a whole. Do this by being sure to keep your cattle farm clean and presenting a pleasant experience for all visitors. Keep all feeding facilities and other equipment in good repair at all times (ready for conumer showing at a moments notice). Prospective customers may want to view your actual feeding operations.

     Other positive image ideas would be a powerful logo for your business. Think in terms of a logo or product label that might lend itself to other advertising items like Bumper Stickers, T Shirts, Caps, Coffee Mugs and more.

     When direct marketing to the end consumer you should search for an area with little or no competition if at all possible. Having your own unique areafor your product or business always helps.

     Because more beef is purchased by women than men it would help to teach yourself some of the finer points in marketing to them.  Study and learn as many ways as you can to get into the mindset of "Buying Food For The Family," after all, this is where your product ends up.

     Do your research and determine as close as possible to who your customers will be. Then taylor your approach to their needs and wants. Try to learn their cultures and life styles and then you will be able to market directly to those.

     If you elect to sell by package or in small lots you may want to determine your market for the lesser cuts of meat and do most of your advertising towards moving those. The more prime or in demand cuts will usually take care of their own market.

    It is always a good idea to start on a small scale and plan a slow steady growth pattern. Expect  profits to be small at the start. This will also be to your advantage as it will allow you to make adjustments as you grow in size and experience and learn your specific marketing situation.

     And last but not least be sure to include all of the above into your research to develop a business plan.



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