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Biodynamic Farming

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   The development of biodynamic farming ideas began in 1924 with a series of eight lectures on agriculture given by philosopher Rudolf Steiner at Schloss Koberwitz in Silesia, Germany, and (now Kobierzyce in Poland east of Wroclaw).

  The course was held in response to a request by farmers who noticed degraded soil conditions and deterioration in the health and quality of crops and livestock resulting from the use of chemical fertilizers. Participating in the Biodynamic Farming course of eight lectures there were 111 attendees coming from six different countries.

  As a result of this course an agricultural research group was subsequently formed to test the effects of biodynamic farming methods on the life and health of soil, plants and animals.

  Today biodynamic farming is practiced in more than 50 countries worldwide.
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  Biodynamic farming is a type of organic farming that treats farms as unified and individual organisms, emphasizing balancing the holistic development and interrelationship of the soil, plants and animals as a self nourishing system without external inputs insofar as this is possible given the loss of nutrients due to the export of food. Like in other forms of organic agriculture, artificial fertilizers and toxic pesticides and herbicides are strictly avoided. There are independent certification agencies for biodynamic products, most of which are members of the international biodynamic standards group Demeter International.

  Regarded by some as the first modern ecological farming system and one of the most sustainable, biodynamic farming has much in common with other organic approaches, such as emphasizing the use of manures and composts and excluding the use of artificial chemicals on soil and plants. Methods unique to the biodynamic farming approach include the use of fermented herbal and mineral preparations as compost additives and field sprays and the use of an astronomical sowing and planting calendar. The practice of Biodynamic Farming originated out of the work of Rudolf Steiner.

A few of the advantages claimed from Biodynamic Farming are:

  1.  Heal dead soil. Turn soil with years of damage from chemicals back into living arable soil that can grow real food again…
  2.  Minimize effort… Using this technology you can grow incredible food, without worrying about disease, as your plants will be thriving with life, strength, and immunity.
  3.  Grow the most NUTRIENT DENSE food on the planet. Biodynamically grown food is 5 to 10 times more nutritious than regular “organic food”, and has many healing properties. The nutrient density of biodynamic food is quite simply… off the scale.
  4.  Open a new dimension of depth and understanding. When you use biodynamic methods, you develop an unusual connection with nature which brings an unprecedented amount of joy and peace into your life…

Biodynamic FarmingYou are encouraged to study Biodynamic Farming and determine if it is right for you and your farming operation.