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Help Calf Start Breathing In Beef Cattle Calving Assistance

      Occasionally you may find you need to help calf start breathing, these brief instructions will help.

     Once delivered, clear any mucus from the calf's mouth and throat with your hand. Then, if necessary, stimulate the calf to breathe by either rubbing it briskly, tickling the inside of the nostril with a straw or slapping it with the flat of the hand.

     Artificial respiration can be applied to the calf as follows: place a short section of garden hose into one nostril, hold mouth and nostrils shut so air enters and leaves only through the hose, then alternately blow into the hose and allow expiration of air. Repeat at 5- to 7-second intervals until the calf begins to breathe.

    Another method is to alternate pressure and release on the rib cage.

     Commercial respirators are also available and may be a wise investment in larger herds.




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