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  • Beef Cattle Farming
    Beef Cattle Farming is a large and important segment of American agriculture and one of the largest industries in the world.
  • Bottle Calf Enterprise
    You don't need a great deal of money or pasture to get started raising cattle. Not if you do it the bottle calf way. Consider a small start with a bottle calf or two.
  • Commercial Cattle Enterprise
    The criteria for selection, or selling points, of good cows for your commercial cattle herd depend on size, quality, age, condition, stage of pregnancy, and market price.
  • Feeder Stocker Enterprise
    A feeder stocker or backgrounding operation pastures or feeds calves until they reach 750 to 800 pounds. Then they are sold to a feedlot for finishing.
  • Grassfed Cattle
    Due to the careful maintenance and management of Grassfed Cattle, the cows and steers maturedinto healthy, prime livestock that will fetch top dollar at market.
  • Farm Location
    Farm Location is extremely important for a successful Small beef cattle farming or ranching operation. You should select your farm location wisely.
  • Market Beef
    Raising Market Beef. In a steer or heifer market beef operation, you purchase 500 to 600 pound feeder calves after weaning at approximately 7 to 10 months of age.
  • Miniature Cattle
    The small size of miniature cattle is not intimidating and it allows for easy caring for by even very young children. Many kids and their families enjoy animals but are intimidated the large animals. Miniature cattle offer a great opportunity for kids to learn responsibility by taking care of an animal that is easy to train and care for. Their small size makes bottle feeding easy for even very young kids.
  • Registered or Seedstock Cattle
    If your objective is to raise registered cattle and supply breeding animals to other cattle producers, it may be necessary to make large capital investments in purebred stock.

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