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Chiangus Beef Cattle

      A Chiangus is the result of the cross between a registered Chianina or Chiangus and Angus. They must be black and polled (or scurred). If there is another breed in their pedigree more than 6.25%, they can be registered as a Chiangus cross (CAX).

       American Chianina Association cattle known as “Chiangus” are eligible for registration based upon any mating between Chianina, Chiangus, Red Chiangus, Angus or Red Angus registered with the American Angus Association, American Red Angus Association or the American Chianina Association, as a *Foundation “F” parent which results in a black (white allowed on the underline only) polled, or scurred offspring that contains no more than 6.25% of another breed may be registered as a Chiangus. Animals designated as *Commercial “C” will not be allowed in Chiangus registrations. *Scurs or scur tissue cannot be altered or removed (surgically or otherwise) from Chiangus born after January 1, 1992.

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