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      I have always believed when anyone was asking if I knew of any cattle for sale or where to look for them on the Internet that what they really meant was "Cattle For Sale Now" and that is exactly what this site is all about. It is a Cattle For Sale Classified site on a domain by the name of Cattle For Sale Now,  sounds like a very appropriate name to me.

       I feel sure the thinking behind that was exactly what I mentioned above and the site owner is hoping that when you are wanting to buy or sell cattle you are actually thinking "cattle for sale now" and Bingo you will think of the cattle for sale website.

     It really looks like a good site for any breed of cattle and has a category set up for each major breed. Classified ads are free for 15 days and there is a provision to have your ad featured for a small fee and or extended for a longer period of time. I don't know about you but I think the 15 days free is the best way and then ost a new fres ad every 15 days, nothing worse than a stale ad to give me the opinion the cattle are either picked over or low quality to begin with.

     Whether you are interested in buying or selling I highly recommend you do yourself a favor and take a look at the Cattle For Sale Now Classifieds. It looks like a highly visited site, 15 day ads are free and you can include one or two pictures with each ad.

     Even if you are not wanting to sell an animal right now it would be good to post a new generic type ad every 15 days just to keep your name and cattle in front of the buying public. That way when they are ready to buy you stand a good chance for them to remember you first. You might even find a prospect that comes to look and finds something they can't do without and offers enough money that you can't resist sellin on the spot. I have always heard that the really successful registered cattle breeders try to do something most everyday to promote their cattle and breeding program.

     Do yourself a favor and hop on over to Cattle For Sale Now and check it out for yourself.

     Also more information on this Beef Cattle site. 



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