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Calving Time


  • Calving
    Calving and When To Help A Cow! Learning when to help a cow during calving may be one of the most profitable practices you can acquire.
  • Calving Assistance
    A knowledgeable beef cattle breeder will always be ready and prepared for calving assistance wen the need arises.
  • Calving Assistance Explained
    There is a lot to be considered in any attempt to put a subject like "Calving Assistance Explained" in words. Many of those considerations are included here for your information and education.
  • Calving Problems
    Some of the causes for beef cattle calving problems.
  • Calving Stages
    We normally think of beef cattle calving stages to be divided into three general stages, preparatory, fetal expulsion and expulsion of the placenta or afterbirth.
  • Help Calf Start Breathing
    Occasionally you may find you need to help calf start breathing, these brief instructions will help.
  • Post Calving
    Here are a few things to watch for as possible post calving problems.
  • Summary
    Here is a summary of the more important steps involved with your beef cattle calving assistance procedures.

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Horse and Rider


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