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  • What Makes A Cattle Breed
    What makes a Cattle Breed? In short a cattle breed is whatever you say it is. A breed is a group of domestic animals, termed such by common consent of the breeders.
  • Black Angus Cattle
    Black angus beef cattle are very popular in america. It is a solid black, polled breed of cattle initially dubbed Aberdeen Angus.
  • Red Angus Beef Cattle
    In America the Red Angus beef cattle are registered and recorded in a herd book by the Red Angus Association of America . The Red Angus breed is one of the more progressive breeds in America.
  • Beefmaster
    The Beefmaster Breed of Beef Cattle was originally created in Texas by the Lasater family that operated a Ranch bearing their surname.
  • Bos Indicus
    Bos Indicus cattle are used in hot climates all over the world for meat, milk, and draft animals. Bos Indicus cattle are an unusual sight for most of us.
  • Brahman
    The Brahman Beef Cattle Breed has been recognized for many years. In the early 20s the American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) was organized.
  • British White Beef Cattle
    The British White is a naturally polled English breed of cattle, white in color with black points. British White cattle are registered and recorded in the USA by the British White Cattle Association of America.
  • Charolais
    The Charolais is a large heavily muscled white breed of cattle originating from France. It is a very popular beef cattle breed in america.
  • Chianina
    Until recent times the Chianina were used primarily as draft animals in their homeland. U.S. servicemen, stationed in Italy during World War II, discovered Chianina. In 1971, Chianina genetics were introduced to the U.S. when the first semen was imported from Italy.
  • Chianina Composites
    Chianina composites are beef cattle bred up with Chianina as one of the base breeds. The composits are known as Chiangus (Black), Red Chiangus, Chiford and Chimaine.
  • Hereford
    The Hereford is a red animal with a white face, some call them "White Face Cattle." There is both a Horned and Polled strain of the same color pattern. For many years the Hereford was the breed of choice in th USA and has always produced a good quality of beef.
  • Black Hereford
    The term Black Hereford is used in the British Isles to describe a particular line of hybrid beef cattle. The American Black Hereford Association is one of the major promoters of this exceptional beef cattle breed.
  • Limousin
    Records for the Limousin breed of beef cattle in the USA are maintained by the North American Limousin Foundation. The Limousin is a large red breed from France.
  • Black Limousin
    The history of the American Black Limousin cattle dates back thousands of years to the ancient ancestors of this cattle breed. Cave drawings have been found in France and these pictures are approximately 20,000 years old.
  • Murray Grey
    The Murray Grey originated in southern New South Wales, Australia. The preferred color is silver-gray although there are numerous variations in the shading of gray.
  • Santa Gertrudis
    History of the Santa Gertrudis Line. Almost a century ago, one of the largest cattle ranches in the United States was located in Kingsville, Texas. The ranch owner and workers were intrigued....
  • Shorthorn
    An Introduction to the Shorthorn Breed of Cattle. This cattle breed was established in England’s northeastern countryside that includes the regions of Northumberland, Durham, York, and Lincoln. The beginnings for the Shorthorn breed occurred in the Rees River area.
  • Simmental
    Simmental are a versatile breed of cattle originating in the valleys of the Simme river, in the Bernese Oberland of western Switzerland. Among the oldest and most widely distributed of all breeds of cattle in the world, and recorded since the Middle Ages...
  • Black Simmental
    The Black Simmental is separate from other Simmentals only because of its color. This dominant gene was obtained through careful cross breeding and artificial insemination using many of the best Simmental specimens.
  • White Park Cattle
    White Park Cattle have been Historically Known by: Park, White Forest, White Horned, and Wild White. The White Park is a horned cattle breed which is white with colored points. These points include the ears, nose, rims of eyes, teats and feet but excludes the tail switch.


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