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Beef Cattle Terms  

      Beef cattle terms are some of the common words and definitions associated with beef cattle industry and important to know to get an understanding of this field. Some common terms are:
* Abortion: When fetus does not complete its gestation period and is delivered before time.
* Artificial vagina: It is a tool used to collect semen from the bull, to be used for artificial insemination. It feels like a natural vagina to the bull.
* Balanced ration: Balanced feed containing all nutrients required by the animal.
* Barren: Animals that cannot produce an offspring.
* Beef Cattle: Cattle raised for human meat consumption.
* Beri-Beri: Deficiency of Vitamin B causes this disease.
* BLUP (Best Linear Unbiased Prediction): It is a statistical method used for predicting the breeding values of beef cattle.
* Body condition scoring: It is a number that tells the body state of the animal, thin to obese.
* Brisket disease: It is congestive right heart failure in beef cattle. Usually animals living at high altitudes are affected.
* Bull: Male animal of beef cattle herd.
* Bullock: Bull less than 20 months of age.
* Calving season: The season of the birth of calves in the year.
* Cow: Female animal of beef cattle herd.
* Dewlap: It refers to the loose skin below the chin and neck of beef cattle.
* Downer: Disabled animals.
* Drop: Body parts like hide, head, shanks and offal removed when animals are slaughtered.
* Green Chop: Young and wet forages fed to animals.
* Ketosis- Ketone bodies accumulate in the blood stream when fatty acids are not completely oxidized.
* Lactalbumin: A milk protein.
* Malnutrition: Lack of nutrients over a long time.
* Masticate: To masticate is to chew food.
* Metritis: It is an infection of the uterus.
* Overeating disease: Harmful bacteria multiply because of the availability of carbohydrates not digested in the intestines. Bacteria release toxins and cause overeating disease or enterotoxemia in beef cattle.
* Paunch: Rumen is also known as paunch.
* White muscle disease- Deficiency of Vitamin E or selenium causes this disease that affects the muscles.
* Yearling: Beef cattle whose age is around one year.
* Zone of thermonneutrality: This is the temperature at which beef cattle release and produce the same amount of heat.
* Zoonotic diseases: These are the diseases that humans can catch from animals.

Knowledge of prominent beef cattle terms is very important and helpful, especially for people associated with this industry or willing to get started in this industry.



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