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Beef Cattle Semen 

      Genetically superior beef cattle semen is very valuable in beef cattle industry, especially for artificial insemination. Semen from bulls that are genetically superior to others is used to artificially inseminate cows and improve crop production. Artificial insemination is the process by which the egg of cow is fertilized with the sperm of bull by other than natural means. Beef cattle semen used for insemination must be handled and used very cautiously as it is extremely vulnerable and expensive. Semen is frozen and needs to be stored very carefully to maintain its quality and fertility. Semen needs to be thawed properly before it can be used for insemination.

        It is possible to store frozen semen safely at low temperatures below -112 degrees indefinitely. It can loose its fertility and get spoiled when kept at higher temperatures. Even short heat exposure can damage the semen. Semen is stored in large vacuum sealed metal storage tank that can maintain temperatures of -312 degrees (temperature of liquid nitrogen). Proper thawing of semen before use is also very important. The National Association of Animal Breeders recommends warm-water thawing of semen straws for 10 to 60 seconds.

     Bull semen must not be subjected to rapid cooling after it is thawed. Cows must be inseminated without any delay after the semen has thawed. Proper placement of semen in the reproductive tract of cow, in front of the cervix ensures more chances of conception. Following strict sanitary measures is a must for handling, storing and using beef cattle semen. Hands must be cleaned thoroughly. Bacteria and viruses transferred into the reproductive tract of cows during the process of beef cattle artificial insemination can lead to infections. Cows can later develop problems like abortions or infertility.

     Bull selection for collecting semen is also an important and responsible job. It is very significant to select bulls cautiously, since they are going to contribute their genes to future calves and affect the quality of crop production for many years. Genes of bulls are given prime importance. Good physical appearance of a bull is a sign of its inner health. Bulls used for collecting beef cattle semen must be free from any infections, parasites and insects or any kind of structural defects. Bull semen allows us to produce many offspring from good quality and strong bulls and improve the quality of the herd. Artificial insemination using semen has been very successful and popular commercially.



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