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Beef Cattle Fly Control 

      Beef cattle fly control is very important to prevent the spread of various diseases among animals. Pests like flies cause irritation to the animals and carry many disease causing bacteria and viruses. Face flies, horn flies and stable flies are most annoying and dangerous pests.

        Face flies not only cause irritation in the eyes but carry the bacterium Moraxella bovis, which causes infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis or pinkeye in beef cattle. These diseases add to the costs of the beef cattle farm. Ranch owners have to spend lots of money to cure this disease. Horn flies, stable flies, horse flies and other flies feed and suck blood from animals, causing much trouble. They can lead to weight loss in beef cattle.

     Regularly subjected to same pesticides and insecticides, flies develop immunity towards them. It is better to change your insecticides every season. You can also use sprays, back rubbers, oilers, ear tags, pour-ons, face rubbers and dust bags to control flies, when they are still small in number. Flies like face flies and horn flies prefer cattle manure to lay their eggs and it is most suitable for the growth of larvae. You can also feed the animals any products that can kill larvae in the manure. Insect growth regulator (IGR) like diflubenzuron can be given in bolus. It is safe to use with beef cattle and very effective. You can also use methoprene as a “feed through” product.

     You can always consult your veterinarian regarding the use of drugs and insecticides for beef cattle fly control; so that they are safe on animals and effective on flies. Following instructions that come with the insecticides is also very important. Any kind of carelessness can add to the trouble and may have negative impact on your animals. Products must be handled and stored very carefully as they are toxic and may harm humans, children and other pets around. Check the expiry date of the products before use. Keep a record of everything you do to control flies, the date of spray and effectiveness of various compounds that you have tried.

     Beef cattle fly control in every season is very important to prevent any losses and harm to the animals. Flies come in every season and make sure that you and your ranch is prepared to deal with them. Other methods of fly control like fly traps, sex attractants, sterile male flies and predator wasps can also be used.



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